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Shiba Kami International Corp. was founded in 2000. It is a manufacturer devoted to food and drinks. It used to produce red adlay milk in tin cans during the early stage, with channels including stores, traditional markets, breakfast markets, and organic stores…etc. The red adlay milk brand image was invited to participate in Hong Kong’s packaging design award. Later on, it also developed sweet potato balls, healthy cakes, and healthy pies series.

Shiba Kami accommodates international trends, and it is widely known to base product development on the direction of healthy, macrobiotic, vegetarian, and eco-friendly demands. Global food companies are also beginning to value “humane products”, and have already raised many discussions in the different hierarchies of society.



It passed Muslim religious approval in 2017 to obtain the HALAL certification.



It passed ISO22000 and HACCP international certification in 2018.




(The product has been tested by SGS regularly every year and has passed the inspections.)

Healthy Macrobiotic Vegetarian Eco-Friendly
Future Vision

h 1

Brand Positioning


Stringently selected natural food ingredients, so that every day is full of health and energy! The product characteristics of the healthy and macrobiotic 「Healthy Pie」 produced by Shiba Kami is the persistence in not adding any chemical fragrances, colorants and preservatives, it is the true delicious and macrobiotic pie, and is further a product emphasizing on convenient preparation with diversified culinary approaches.h4 

 ◎ Free combinationh7 

May be eaten on its own May be pan-fried     May be used to cook soup      May be microwaved        Free combination.
It may be used to prepare soup, eaten cold alone, heated, put in toast, hamburger, sandwich or salad…etc. Promotes the core principle of nutritious and convenient cuisine; morning is the best time in a day, 「Healthy Pie」 is the source for your energy every morning, you may take it out from the fridge for preparation at any time, it has become an indispensable food for every family, and is further the necessity for modern people's macrobiotic habit.

Product Intro

Our “Healthy pie” collection has past the harsh tests of the public’s stringent expectations regarding flavor and ingredients, despite the market’s grueling challenges. We insist on making products free from artificial fragrances, coloring and preservatives. We produce only the most authentically delicious Health Cakes. Not only are we providing the public with the concept of health and well-being, we also provide warmth and love. Not all meals must be greasy or filled with meat products. Vegetarian options are just as viable as an alternative choice. Cook your family a Health Cake meal once every day! They are filled with the feeling of a family’s love and the satisfaction your loved ones bring. Each cake is the fruit of farmers’ labor, and you can taste their hard work and dedication in each bite.

Product Name:Healthy Pie

Weight: 168±5g/4 pieces,12 boxes per carton

Shelf Life: Frozen at -18oC,18 months




  • May be eaten cold or heated on its own


  • Can cook soupPan-fry for about 30~60 seconds in a pan via mild fire

  • Used to cook soup add 2~3 pieces of Healthy Pie into 200~300cc of broth, and then add corn to complete the puree

  • May be microwaved Microwave for 30~60 seconds

  • Free combination



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Manufacturer: Shiba Kami International Corp.

Address: No. 23, Alley 46, Lane 108, Xiwei Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 24152

Tel: +886-2-8287-1801 

Fax: +886-2-8287-1809

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ADD: No. 23, Alley 46, Lane 108, Xiwei Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 24152
TEL: 886-2-82871801
FAX: 886-2-82871809
Factory Registration:65004022

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